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Podcast Mix

Every month listen to the finest melodic house & techno tunes of the moment selected and mixed by Da Fresh. Available on YouTube and SoundCloud.

Tracklisting :
(00:00) Theus Mago & Moderna - Papa en roy
(06:28) Da Fresh - Aquila
(11:38) Morttagua - The mantra
(18:36) Miss Monique - No way (Supacooks rmx)
(23:15) Joy Wellboy - Dreams stay dreams (Patrice Baumel rmx)
(28:54) Da Fresh - Chrysalide
(35:05) Nichols - Kaleidoscope
(40:12) Gardenstate - Floracion
(46:51) Dapayk Solo & Vars - Streets (Stereo Express rmx)
(52:19) DJ Zombi - Ninja
(56:24) Paradoks - Tierra
(01:01:13) Aurora Borealis - Milky way (Da Fresh rmx)
(01:06:56) Losless - Modern aura
(01:12:47) Rhodas - Seventh door
(01:17:52) Da Fresh - Meditation
(01:22:03) Julian Wassermann & Artche - Altona
(01:26:37) Definition & Defplay - Tulipe noir
(01:31:50) Stephan Jolk - Circle of harmony
(01:36:54) Alberth - Image
(01:43:27) Daramah - Hover
(01:47:55) Solayre - The sea
(01:55:00) Bugra Baran & Cagatay Can - Going under
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Professional audio mastering service for electronic music labels and artists, dedicated to deliver a high quality sound to your music.

Already mastered tracks on : EMI, Sony, Virgin, Armada, Spinnin Records, Toolroom, Suara, Stil Vor Talent, Get Physical, Parquet Recordings, Steyoyoke, 1605, Deeperfect, Eleatics, Unity, 303 Lovers, Happy Techno, Natura Viva, Freshin, and many more...

  • MASTERING : 50€
  • FAQ
    - What you need to send for a mastering ? A bounce of your track in 24 bit WAV/AIFF, -6db of headroom on your stereo master channel, without EQ, compression, or any other plugins.
    - What you need to send for a mixing + mastering ? Audio stems of each channel of your project in 24 bit WAV/AIFF.
    - How long it takes for a mastering or a mixing + mastering ? One week maximum.
    - How to pay ? All payments are with Paypal.
For all mastering requests or any questions concerning the mastering service please contact : freshinmastering@gmail.com

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