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All Da Fresh's releases (tracks, remixes, and collaborations projects) are available to buy on Beatport.

Podcast Mix

Every month listen to the finest melodic house & techno tunes of the moment selected and mixed by Da Fresh. Available on YouTube and SoundCloud.

Tracklisting :
(00:00) Da Fresh - Always
(06:36) Folgar - Brown velvet
(12:48) Da Fresh & Noidor - Mirari
(19:15) Lessovsky - Mueve (Da Fresh rmx)
(24:09) Alex Macris - Equilibrium
(29:34) Mary Mesk - Breeze
(34:36) Suze - Anthem of nostalgia
(39:15) Four Hands - Everlasting world (Massano rmx)
(43:23) Sebastian Haas & Monograph - The tank
(49:19) Avar Garden - Future (Da Fresh rmx)
(55:15) Etch & Anartist - Sinai
(01:00:09) Darcy Stephens - The Calling (Michael Chiritos rmx)
(01:04:33) Losless - Away
(01:10:11) Krissky - Triton
(01:15:52) Monnarsh - Inhumane
(01:20:44) Morttagua - Logos
(01:26:25) Wurtz & Iberian Muse - Melios
(01:32:21) Da Fresh - Never
(01:36:52) Thimble - Opposite (Clemente rmx)
(01:41:38) Coldface - Pronella
(01:46:40) Anyma - Omnia
(01:50:33) Aiwaska - Darkness (Patrice Baumel rmx)
(01:57:00) Artche - Passenger (Alt mix)
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Professional audio mastering service for electronic music labels and artists, dedicated to deliver a high quality sound to your music.

Already mastered tracks on : EMI, Sony, Virgin, Armada, Spinnin Records, Toolroom, Suara, Stil Vor Talent, Get Physical, Parquet Recordings, Steyoyoke, 1605, Area Verde, Deeperfect, Unity, 303 Lovers, Happy Techno, Natura Viva, Freshin, and many more...

  • MASTERING : 50€
  • FAQ
    - What you need to send for a mastering ? A bounce of your track in 24 bit WAV/AIFF, -6db of headroom on your stereo master channel, without EQ, compression, or any other plugins.
    - What you need to send for a mixing + mastering ? Audio stems of each channel of your project in 24 bit WAV/AIFF.
    - How long it takes for a mastering or a mixing + mastering ? One week maximum.
    - How to pay ? All payments are with Paypal.
For all mastering requests or any questions concerning the mastering service please contact : freshinmastering@gmail.com

Sample Packs

Producers, remixers ! You need some high quality inspiring samples for your music ? Check out Da Fresh's sample packs store on Gumroad.

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